Thursday, May 15, 2008


The end of the school year, and what with exams and grades due and all, the Goat calls to let me know that he won't have time to see me if I come out this weekend. That comes as no surprise; we've been building up to it for a while. We somehow wind up with us agreeing to go through with the second half of the old weekend plan, and will meet more or less halfway and have dinner with friends of mine. All parties can truthfully remark on introduction that they have heard so much about each other:

while I don't believe I can be called a gossip, I do tell my friends about my friends.

The Bean Curd People have been good to me, letting me alight on my way back to and from the Old Home Place and spend the night pretty much at will.

And the Goat... well, you know.

No word on the job front yet. Time is ticking away...

If it does come through in the end, despite the delays the deadlines will all remain unchanged. That's just the Way of the World, isn't it? I actually got eight hours of sleep last night -- a rarity since the job thing has been hanging over me. I woke up to the sound of tires rushing by on the Big Road's wet pavement, and at breakfast found my backyard aglow with the green light of rain clouds...

A strange, new day, my view all shades of green,
All soft, aglow: the light is drenched in rain,
And bounces back from every leaf and stone.
My life’s a mess, but it’s a life—it’s mine.
A light as gentle I don’t think I’ve seen,
But now perceive with pleasure close to pain.
There is one shadow: I sit here alone.
You were here. Now your absence fills my mind.
It’s strange that I still revel in the scene,
Though all my joy brings longing in its train—
Desire’s dull ache, too, leaves the light alone
The light and shadow shift and intertwine.
Come, hold me close, make mystery seem plain.
Embraced, I know I'll feel as right as rain.

But, ah! 'tis not to be.
Dinner, yes. CEmbraces, no.
That's just the way it goes, I guess.

Hang in there, everyone.
Summer is on its way...

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