Thursday, April 03, 2008


Alas, April 15th is getting closer and closer, and I am only marginally less behind than I have been. And I am getting little or no sleep: hours last night, 5 hours the night before that. I am really getting groggy, but I have acquired some little orange pills that should take care of whatever problems I have tonight...

However, getting little sleep has the advantage that you lie there for a while, trying to turn off your brain, but eventually you see that you may as well get up if you aren't asleep. So today I got up at 5 and got in several hours reducing the mountain of little slips of paper in which I could not find anything to lists with subject headings. We tackle what we can handle...

And that was on top of actually getting all the accumulated "needs to be dealt with" folders out, and separating the contents by category; it's a good thing I still have the spare bed made up for the Goat, because I no longer have any room on my own -- it will take me a while to get everything filed, so I guess I'm in the guest room until my taxes are done... I am down to restoring my last two credit-card accounts, and then all I have to do is the actual tax return itself.

It hit me a while ago that all the recent posts have been about work or taxes or the Goat. Don't get me wrong; there's plenty to say on those topics. But the heading of this little corner of Blogworld was once "gay, married, Christian and mad as the March Hare," and now, with some adjustment for historical accuracy, it's "once married, twice shy, and three times as mad as the March Hare." But how accurate is that? "Once married" can certainly hold its own, but I was hardly shy about landing the Goat, and I'm not sure that my relation to the March Hare is that mathematically exact. So I may have to reconfigure.

And for those of who have been relieved at the absence of Jesus in these pages in recent months, a word of warning. He's coming again. At least here. Where else can you go when you are caught between the idiocies of American "Christian" life and the necessity to accept that faith has need of doubt, and that the answers are all mysteries? Stay tuned.

Oh, in case you were wondering: the ice floe outside my door has dwindled from the size of several overlapping mattresses to a mere pillow case or two; it's quite easy to go in and out.

Never say spring never comes.

In the meantime:
Hang in there, all.
I do my best, myself.

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  1. Spring will come. I'll try and send some your way.

    Shalom & cheers, dear man.