Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I spent the weekend with the Goat; no news there. However, we were both still simmering in the juices of our respective colds, and it made for an interesting soundtrack. [Cough! Wheeze! Snort!] It was also one of those weekends when people who don't normally have to run the dorms have to run the dorms so the resident faculty don't go stark raving mad. [You'd want a day or two off once in a while, wouldn't you?] I actually went to one of the dorms he was in charge of, and I have to say that if I were a parent paying what they pay, I would be outraged. The most expensive squalor I have ever seen...

The news? After spending the better part of a week freaking out about the disappearance of most of my financial information [back it up, people!] and the better part of another week painfully gluing it all back together based on the little shreds of paper lying around in heaps and some surviving hard copies of things, it took me all of two or three hours to do my taxes, and it looks like I'm going to get a refund. I'm still waiting to make sure I don't have one more deduction before I finalize everything, but I almost feel like I have had the breath knocked out of me. Now what am I going to obsess about?

Well, the next thing on the agenda is figuring out how much of the shite I have here on premises can move out to the Big Woods, and how much I have to store, and how much I can pass on to some unsuspecting [I mean, deserving] young person... My original crop of grad students are all knee-deep in their theses and tearing their hair out, but because I am not in the office in the afternoon anymore, I don't get to see them. Still get the occasional e-mail, but the "live" connection is gone. (sigh) I spent several hours last weekend measuring the two [large-ish] rooms I am going to rent, and it seems that it is in fact all going to happen, though it's pretty loosey-goosey in terms of coming to an "understanding." Maybe I have just spent too many years in the shark pool, but my "landlord-to-be" is so laid back it's hard to imagine him standing up... not a problem in the big picture, I guess. Just feels weird.

Onwards and upwards with the arts!
Which means I am going to curl up with a glass of wine and watch a movie. Hmmmmm....

Violence or Disney cartoons? No Country for Old Men or No Country for Young Dogs? It's so hard to make up one's mind.

Hang in there, all.
Unless you choose to come hang out...


  1. Juices...yeah this year's flu really sucked. Another move: and all that effort getting stuff up the stairs! You need to grab some college hunks to help move it all!
    Movies: lots of good rentals out now! (Is porn not an option?) :)

  2. OJO:

    welcome back, my friend.