Monday, June 11, 2007


He calls.

I quietly fall apart and wait for the pieces to drift together again.

There is a moment in
Amelie when her boyfriend finally comes into the café where she works. Looking at him, she dissolves and hits the floor as a rush of falling water... ccThat about sums it up.

God, I love it when he calls.
I am a basket case. And a slut.

In case anyone is keeping score, I think this is the Slut Phase.
How else to explain what is so @#$%-ing obviously going on?

Given the way I have been "fearfully and wonderfully made," it is a Slut Phase of the Heart. But I can tell you, it gives off just as much heat...


  1. Good for you, honey. Follow it where it leads.

  2. Sounds like combined we have it all - you have the slut phase of the heart and alas it seems I am settling for the slut phase of the flesh. And enjoying it I would add.

  3. My slut phase was just a stream of one-night stands. This is obsession! I get this way too obsession I have to try and cut off though, you're seems fine to me as long as everyone is ok with it. Everything you've said in the past posts is very much what I go through too. Hang in there. Enjoy it.

  4. OJO:

    I believe that the technical definition of "Slut Phase" is:

    "a string of one-night stands."

    However, this IS the Troll we're talking about. I'm 55 and have a shred or two of self-respect. Maybe A shred.

    Anyway, I'm a slut and I hope to hell it's a phase.