Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Here's a new wrinkle. Not today, but every other day since I left the Big Woods, the Goat has called me. He even remarked on it, so even he is thinking that it might be sending a message.

The message I'm getting is not about my irresistible charms, but largely about the sudden lack of hot and cold running RBF twice a week. Now his "action" is 150 miles away rather than 10. It's simply not convenient. He actually complained the other day about how far away I was. I almost shouted at him that I knew ONLY TOO @#$%-ING WELL how far it was; he has driven up once and I have driven the distance six times already...

Instead I just quietly pointed out that I had in fact made the trip often enough to figure that out. It was rather sweet of him to say it made it hard to just get together for dinner.

I have to say, being that close would be nice...
It just ain't going to happen any time soon.


Hang in there, all.

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