Sunday, April 01, 2007


This started out as a simple statement that I was bewitched.
That led to a denial of witchcraft. My response:
"bewitching" is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe I should have left it at that...

If you to me are witch or wizard, ponder
Why that should be: why should I tell a lie?

Your life is yours, I know, but toss a pebble

Into a pond -- the ripples rise and spread.

I call you witch because I stare in wonder

At what's released in me, so long so shy:

I clearly hear the body's bass, the treble

Of soul's delight, their triumph in my head.

If you prefer, the witchcraft's in my blundering

Stab at understanding how and why:

We meet from distant places at one table,

And more than bodies meet there in your bed.

I know I can't give you what you give me;

I know, and I'm content to let it be.


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