Monday, April 02, 2007


What is it about humans that makes them so hard to understand?

After blowing me away for admitting that I could not help making more of my first encounter with a man in thirty years than he did out of the most recent man in the last thirty days, the Silver Fox softened right up on receiving his sonnet.

And he didn't even like any of the other bits I sent... not that I sent him the one about his bald spot, of course, or the one about not answering e-mail... OK, so he hasn't seen MOST of them, but he did get both "Rising" and one that was a little too personal to post here. And he was...

at least, OK, at most, polite.

Now, all of a sudden, they're OK. ccc I'm OK.
Maybe it's just a bad conscience talking.
Well, there's plenty of THAT to go around.

Who cares?
Come on, weekend...

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