Tuesday, June 09, 2009

END of the YEAR BLUES...

I don't have the End of the Year Blues, because my year is not coming to an end, but the Goat is in a complete nail-biting frenzy trying to finish up the meetings, grades, reports, advisee letters, and everything else in the ongoing paper war here at the Academy. Everyone looked so happy at graduation, and now the heat is on for the rest of the week... and tempers are fraying ever so slightly.

Last weekend we had a dinner for friends who came to watch a nephew graduate, which grew to accommodate a dozen other people, mostly faculty members. I did my "hide in the kitchen and help make it happen" thing while one of our guests relieved the Goat at the grill station. It was a great party until a couple of the other parties on campus closed down and we acquired the remaining party animals up on the hill...

One woman was quite drunk, and she is a bit of a motor-mouth even when sober. Under the influence of altogether too much juice of some kind or another, she proceeded to lay out in no uncertain terms just what she needed [a man] and why she wasn't getting it [the men at the school were wusses--read: "put off by loud- mouths"--and the school was in the Middle of Nowhere--and, come to think of it, she may have a point there]. I took advantage of the general departure for a cigarette break out on the deck to quietly tuck into the bathroom to brush my teeth, sneak into the bedroom, close the door, strip down, get horizontal, and start sawing wood.

She apparently closed the party down about an hour later when she started making remarks about particular single men in attendance...

She still has another year to go on her contract, and she seems to have set out to piss the whole community off before she leaves... there but for the grace of God go I. It was great to see our friends, and give the nephew a proper send-off. And until it was highjacked, it was a wonderful evening. I ate too much, but that's not exactly news, is it?

Now it's time to clean up and button up all the paperwork, and my plan is to be simultaneously as helpful as I can and as inconspicuous and as absent as I can until it all settles down... at which point I hope to get another good weekend out of what's left of the Goat... my own most precious non-renewable resource.

Hang in there, all.

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  1. OMG, I have to start following along closer, or else I've forgotten - when did you start smoking?

    PS The word verification is "hufation." Appropriate somehow.