Wednesday, June 10, 2009


By late afternoon, the Goat had finally finished a long day of faculty meetings and frantically squeezing in the last reports, and he immediately took off for the cabin. He called to say he was there and it seemed to the naked ear pretty clear he was in a state of near-total stress. So I let him stew in his own juice for a while--chill out, as it were--before driving out myself to give him a little of what he always gives me:

A listening ear, some slow caresses to the head and shoulders, a polite shove to get upstairs, a gentle nudge to get out and partake of the Hitler's Birthday Herbal Supplement. Then things got nasty, as they usually do, and I think I can say a good time was had by all. He said it was just what he needed, and it made me feel pretty good, too.

Amazing how that works, sometimes. It won't tonight, when the Goat comes up against the very last of his deadlines, and just has to plough through; and it won't tomorrow, when he has to mud-wrestle with the rest of the faculty for the very last time. But by then I will be off to the races, back at my grandmother's house for two long days of work, and then taking my daughter up to see her grandmother, if all goes to according to plan.

It may not; things so seldom do these days. I'm making spaghetti with clam sauce tonight, and wondering why the white wine is all out at the cabin...

But back to last night for the time being:
Here's hoping you too are getting your share of whatever you need.
If not now, then soon.

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  1. Getting my share, and doing what I can to make sure everybody else does, too. Hang in there, Troll!