Thursday, May 29, 2008



Come tell me what your sorrows are
And I will do my best
To make them lighter,
Bear enough of them
To let you feel them less,
Feel they don’t bear down on you as they do.
I hate to see you down—
And you know why:
If we’re both sad, we make a sorry pair,
Our common life sure to become a mess—
No, let me lift you if you’re feeling blue—
It’s you that raised me up,
That would not buy my certainty
That I would never share in love or laughter,
And I must confess:
That I can laugh at last,
I owe to you.

So lay your head upon my shoulder, friend,
And let me be the means to cheerful ends.


I hear you say you love me,
But I still fear
All the men you said you loved before,
Fear their long knowledge of your soul,
And fear your loyalty to them,
To love gone by.
It’s not the fruit of reason, or of will:
But passion that corrodes the very core
Of what I’d build my life on,
Now I’m queer…
The green-eyed monster jaundices my eye.
Security requires greater skill,
And peace of mind eludes a heart at war
Against itself and what it holds most dear:
Your loyalty, your love, your touch.
Yes, I see my shortcomings,
Failures, faults, and flaws,

And pray your love not prove a hopeless cause.

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