Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Earlier this month, while I was busy crawling around moaning "OhmyGodIwanttodie" and then getting a premature glimpse of resurrection the week before Palm Sunday, Steven in Ontario ["Soooo-this-is-me"] was taking a leaf out of my usual sermon:
I really feel Dave rescued me, I had given up on finding love, on finding romance, on finding a guy that was more interested in a relationship than sex. I honestly believed that all those good men were already part of a couple and that I would have to pick through the guys that mostly wanted one night stands.

He restored my faith in love, in commitment, in a connection between two people. I understand this is all new to me and that in a few months we may realize that a relationship between us will not work. I also know I probably would still have a good friend out of this, however mostly it would show me to hold out and search for that right person, not to give up and give in to what is easy.
I hope anyone reading this who is single, will set their mind to meeting someone. It certainly is true that it will probably happen when you least expect it, just go with it but be smart enough to get out if something does not feel right. Most of all I want you to be happy also, if I can find someone then so can you and sometimes, just maybe that knight does ride up on a white horse to rescue you.
Well, that about sums up what I think when I look back at the upheaval of the last two years, though part of me has to wonder how anyone as young as Steven could have given up on anything. Not only is it not over till the fat lady sings, but she has to get fat first, right? Oh, well. What the hell do I know?

While it's true I have no idea what has happened to Drew or Chris, it seems that the Biggster not only found David, but after that came to an end, stumbled upon HB; Nate seems to have found someone serious enough that he has decided not to post pillow-talk; the One Called "Woe" now has a live-in lover who gets along with his kids... It really seems that good things do come to those who just persevere -- or maybe it's just the ones who can live in the moment who keep blogging.

If anyone out there is in touch with Drew or Chris, send them our best from out here in Blogville.


  1. Young? Why thank you but sadly I do remember when VCRs came out and VHS fought it out with Beta! Besides isn't past 25 really old in the gay world, so that makes me a dinosaur I think.

    Glad you liked the post. :)

  2. Steven:

    ummmmmmm... Yeah, right.

    Chris thought he was over the hill at 48, and there was someone else blogging from our gay-married-men neck of the woods at 59, if I remember correctly, so I was exactly half-way in-between, and that gave me SOME hope.

    I knew I was old. I had spent enough time in the Big Apple to know what age meant within our cozy little demographic, and it was one of many things that made me decide not to live "that lifestyle." One of many.

    Now, of course, I have found someone even older than myself [and how many dating site profiles even consider that?] and am living it like there's no tomorrow. 'Never say "never"' is an old theater saying, which I got beaten with often enough in my former lifetime...

    So, buck up. I figure you are just young enough to be at the theoretical outside edge of "young enough to be my son." And let me tell you, I look at the kids I have, and they are NOT old.

    Much ado about nothing?
    Am I giving us a bad name?

    All the best.