Monday, March 31, 2008


You know me:

I was the kid that people threw the medicine ball at in gym class. I was spaced out enough not to notice and get hit, in fact I got hit in the head and knocked down once, which may explain a number of things...

Anyway, here I am, back at work doing massive amounts of data entry, and then going home to do, um, massive amounts of data entry to reconstruct my Quicken files. So I get to work and sit down and fire up the ordinateur with a certain amount of weary resignation... And today I actually "corrected" some entries which turned out to have been very important to someone else in their original form, so I am not feeling like I have accomplished much lately, and don't feel too great about that.

And I seem to have picked up a cold, either from the Goat, who was sick as a dog this past weekend, or from some other helpful human. I arrived to be told that he was sick, and my response, I am afraid, was to tell him that if he thought I was going to give up playing tonsil hockey just because he was sneezing now and then, he could think again... I think that I brought my own cold germs with me, unless today's viruses can go from intake to take-over in 30 hours, in which case I have to admit that I deserve whatever I get.

I mostly felt bad about leaving him in such bad shape.

We are very different people: I get sick and go to bed until I feel better; he gets sick and deals with it by refusing to give in to it. I admire him, but I also think he is completely crazy. Like so many things, the feeling is probably completely mutual. I certainly didn't get a chance to look after him for a week, as he did when I was sick on his vacation, so maybe it's just sour grapes...

And at this point, I am just sick enough myself not to want to start doing data entry at home this afternoon, so I have wasted most of the afternoon doing things that could have been put off until tomorrow or the week after, just to avoid the one thing I know I have to do.

I guess I will just go do it...

You think you have given up on a web-site you used to check in on occasionally, and then they bring you something you can't resist. Here is this from "After Elton" [aka "The Post-Eltonist" over on the right]. They may be about to lose their link here, but I do love this picture...

Hang in there, all.

And all my best to all you

"wonderful people out there in the dark."


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