Friday, November 09, 2007


No, you are not responsible for me
Or anything, except the joy you've brought me;
I'd proved myself a sorry ne'er-do-well
And slipped, and fell until a lover caught me.

So you can rest in peace and quiet, be
Quite certain that my life's of my own making.
Woe builds upon itself, but so does joy;
This man was once a boy whose heart was breaking.

This boy was once a man, and broke a heart,
Broke more than one, and ever since was sorry.
Bliss -- I know now that love and truth are strong,
And both of them belong in our short story.

So, wait for me, or leave me waiting, I
Still claim it's now that makes all time worthwhile.
Though some say my reward is far away,
I say it's now, today, in your sweet smile.

All love lives in the moment and consumes
The flesh it brings to life, that is our story.
Call me when your heart aches, I'll hear your call
Though both of us may fall, we'll rise in glory.

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