Tuesday, October 23, 2007


There are so many mysteries involved in any connection between two people. In retrospect I can see that at some level Isis and I never understood each other, and that those gaps remained after twenty-five-odd years of living together. This is why, as I have said more than once, it is good that "love waits not on understanding." Because love would never happen if it did.

But there seem to be more than the usual number of mysteries in the mysterious thing that is going on between me and the Goat. I am in a bit of a bind, because I have to believe either that he is bending over backwards to patiently accommodate me, or that he is leading me down a very particular path by such small, innocuous steps that I won't freak out at where we are going. It is hard to see how both things could be true, and yet it remains possible to look at what goes on between us and come up with one idea one day, and the other on another. Certainly I have found myself doing things more than once that I never thought I would be able to do and live with myself.

Here I am, living with myself.
And getting ready to try to live with the Goat...
Shows how well we know ourselves...

Or not.


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  1. Hi Troll... long time, no post. Just spent a few minutes catching up on the blog. As always, I love your honesty.