Tuesday, October 02, 2007


"Introspective analysis is not the best instrument for psychological inquiry."

Jean-Paul Sartre [1905-1980]


Oh, well.

I never did really care for JPS much, though he does offer some comments on "the Jew
," whoever that isand he is writing after the warthat actually apply to any oppressed minority, ourselves included. He remarks that social insecurity often leads "the Jew" to act as a judge of those who act "too Jewish," to deny Jewishness outright, to seek refuge in a world where there are no such distinctions—as if that were possible. Food for thought, especially for those of us still wrestling with all that Internalized Homophobia we hear so much about.

My real problem is that I am coming to see that the Goat is right in calling me to account for it, as he is in many other things, and I don't like it much. One does so hate being exposed...

Too drunk to read Sartre,
The silly old fartre,
So sure he was far past his parents.
He wraps himself taut
In straitjackets of thought
But still can't improve his appearance.

I'm no better than he
This drunk, how could I be?
But at least I'm not flirting with Mao,
Where Jean-Paul took all red
Theories straight into bed.
Which Simone took in stride, the old cow.

Well, our world is no better
Let us not forget
That our own blindness leads to new folly
Just as wild as Jean-Paul's
And if we had the balls,
We'd admit it. Can I?
No, by golly.


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