Monday, October 01, 2007


This just in, in case you hadn't figured it out:

I seem to have made my mind up to move to the
Big Woods, no matter what else happens. I am putting every egg I have got or am likely to come across in the near future in one basket, but it's the Goat's basket, so it has its attractions. I am excited and terrified in pretty much equal measure, and am sure on some level that I am making the biggest mistake of my life.

Well, only time will tell.

Love is blind
I just wish it weren't so
DUMB as well...

Maybe it's time to ask for your prayers again.




  1. Hurrah for Captain Obvious!

    Being mostly agnostic, I will wish you luck instead of praying, but the intent is the same.

  2. Biggster:

    HERE is what happened to your comment: I was out in the Big Woods being cheerfully cooperative, and not allowed to use the Goat's computer for reasons that are far too silly and infuriating for me to go into...

    A friend of his supposedly got me a code that would let me onto the school network, but it never let me check in, so I was stymied there as well.

    So, I could not blog, moderate comments, check e-mail, or anything, and I just decided to let the whole thing wait until I got home.

    Which I am.
    Post coming up