Tuesday, October 16, 2007



"The song remains the same" because the human race does pretty much the same thing. We want it all, but have to contend with the reality that "all" encompasses things we only
THINK we want... and our choices do have consequences.

Every choice for something means a choice to leave or deny yourself something else: even the decision to fling myself at the
Goat brings a downside, hard as that may be for any reader of my rapturous vaporings to imagine.

This "
relationship" is the result of a choice made for the wildest variety of unsanitary reasons, foremost among them the knowledge that I would never survive having given up everything if I remained alone.

So be careful what you wish for, and try to be grateful for what you do have and get.

Every cloud has a silver lining; every silver lining comes wrapped in a cloud. It's whether you make rain or not that counts.

Like, you needed to hear that from

oh, well.


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