Thursday, October 18, 2007



Ah, solitude. Like many things, it’s most
Appealing to those souls who have it least.

Myself, I find a steady diet makes

It turn and start to feed upon its host.

It seems it’s either famine or a feast.

While I know well the toll that famine takes,

This feast has left me living like a ghost;

Perhaps imbalance is what marks the beast.

Your soul is jostled, tossed in surging wakes;

You dream of P’town, flying to the coast.

I long for life where loneliness has ceased,

Still in the game, though life has raised the stakes.

Imbalance haunts me everywhere I turn:

In me, between us. There’s so much to learn.


It’s “early days” for us, but more for me;
Upheaval’s been the constant for so long,

It’s hard to simply settle down and wait,

To let the future be revealed in time.

Indeed, there is no other way to see it.

Time will show my share in its new song.

How can I seek perspective on my fate

When I’m caught up in its wild turmoil?

I’m not ever going to know what’s best. So be it.

I can only hope that I belong,
Someday, when time’s storm has abated.

When at last the world begins to rhyme.

Bear with me in my night of heart and soul,

And one day I, and we, will be made whole.


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