Friday, October 19, 2007



The dance around this house was quite amusing:
At first I hesitated and you dreamed.

Then I took on your dream. It got confusing

When you gave voice to reason where I schemed.

Your change of mind can drive me to distraction

But what changed here was merely point of view.

I sensed truth in each opposite reaction

But sense was not what I looked for in you.

And in that tension I made stupid choices

Because our hearts and heads were all at war.

I felt half-mad caught in between those voices;

I'm sick with grief, but not mad any more.

It always was a gamble, and I hedged

My bets and lost, and just remain on edge.


How odd that sex should drag our hearts in tow.

Perhaps that is the reason that mankind

In former days surrounded sex with fences;

Hearts could take time, and time let loving grow.

How can hearts now find balance with our minds?

We're on our own, and simple common sense

Is usually the first thing we let go.

We put on blinkers, then claim "love is blind."

Our suffering is merely recompense

For following our heart although we know

That love is not the only tie that binds.

In blood-soaked soil we blindly pitch our tents.

God's mercy's seldom so fully revealed

As where that soil bears fruit and we are healed.


There is no miracle like daybreak, yet
We take it, too, for granted, as we take

All miracles. We just refuse to see

That they surround us when our needs are met.

The heart knows daybreak, too, but here we make

The same disastrous error. Can it be

We've grown so blind we cannot see the debt

We owe? All dreams will end when we awake.

All acts of love are sacraments and free

Us to see more than body heat and sweat

In them. Let us admit that when hearts break

Like day, our heartbreak finds its golden key.

At break of day I thank God for the light—

In hearts, in life, in love—that ends the night.

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