Sunday, September 23, 2007


Here is the StatCounter breakdown from the last 500 visitors to the Sea, and there are a couple of funny things here. One is that their numbers never add up to 500, so who knows what's really going on...

We are approaching
7,000 unique visitors since mid-October, which seems quite incredible to me. OK, so it's 6,989, but 1,929 are returning visitors; that means that one out of four have actually come back. And this for someone sitting in Nowheresville, MA with his thumb up his nose.

The big lesson, of course, is how few of you there are.

That's OK.

This is not exactly the mainstream of any part of the web, Christian, gay, "mad as the March Hare," you name it. This is a very particular little postage stamp of cyberspace,
Drew's patrimony if you will, and I am proud to share it with Bigg and Joe and Nate, and the blogs they follow. So here are the country breakdown, the visitor breakdown, and the length of visit breakdown.

Food for thought?

20672.79%United StatesUnited States

134.59%United KingdomUnited Kingdom



62.12%Korea, Republic OfKorea, Republic Of





31.06%South AfricaSouth Africa



20.71%Russian FederationRussian Federation












100First Time Visits

101-5 Returning Visits

25-10 Returning Visits

510+ Returning Visits

73Less than 5 secs

2From 5 secs to 30 secs

15From 30 secs to 5 mins

5From 5 mins to 20 mins

1From 20 mins to an hour

12Longer than an hour

Longer than an hour? Are you kidding me? I can see that at least two of the five people making 10+ return visits are probably me posting from various computers, but what about the other three??? What on earth are they up to? Most people come here under a misapprehension [looking for Greasetank or Tagame, for instance; the people looking for Francois Sagat have apparently figured out this site is not what they want...], but a substantial number stay long enough to read something, and some 12 (twelve) people apparently walk away from their computers and leave this site up for hours on end...

I am getting fewer and fewer work-place IDs. That's fine, I suppose, but they have always given me a kick, so I 'm grateful for the ones I do get. All we have in this last batch is the Ford Motor Company [looking for "star wars troll," poor bastard], the Banco Popolare di Milano [now there's one for you], the Abbey Press, and the California Health and Welfare Agency Data Center. Your tax dollars at work, California.

There are far-flung visitors: Barbados, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Budapest, Oslo, Kazakhstan [a Greasetank groupie], and Moscow [looking for Tagame; did they see that I reinstalled the link?]. There are even entries from Jakarta and Bangkok without a referring link, which I think means that they actually set out to get here on purpose. And then there is the sweetheart in Columbus, GA who came looking for "poems sublime and ridiculous." One of my favorite post headings, but who knew it was a reader magnet?

There you have it.

Hang in there, all.
The alternative doesn't bear thinking about.


  1. One of the 129/24/2007 12:24 AM

    A few of us read, and reread every word. Very slowly, no doubt.

  2. So now, on top of everything else, I have twelve apostles?

    Actually, I am sure that at least two of these are in fact me posting... it's partly that I let things sit while I go do other things, and partly because I waste INORDINATE amounts of time getting the stolen internet graphics to sit right with the text.

    Obviously not what I should be doing with my time, but what are the other ten of you up to?

    Perhaps better not to ask...

    Thanks for checking in.