Monday, September 24, 2007



They say that coming out goes on forever.
I'm out [again] but there are always new

And odder moments, social situations:

How much to say to whom, and how, and when?

It might be different if I were much cleverer,

Had a better grasp of what to do,

But I just muddle through the complications

Of living, liking leather, loving men.

Well, one man, truth to tell, for I could never

Live like some others who need to pursue

An endless string of dead-end assignations.

I never could, not even way back when.

I'm not a judge, and I'm not virtue's pillar --

Just one guy who thinks love is the real killer.


The ladies had a T-shirt with the slogan:
"Jesus brought me out!" It's true for me.

To live in truth, I crossed a sea of fires:

No more half-truths or hiding, no more "nice."

I'm not nice. I'm a man both torn and broken,

Forced to choose which half he wished to be,

To neatly sunder tangles of desires.

All life is change, but this change bore a price.

I chose to live in truth; by that same token,

Another brought me out as well, and he

Could prize the rose and, patient, bear the briars,

Endure the chilis to enjoy the spice.

He brings me joy indeed; I'll sing his praise

As long as love endures our nights and days.


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