Saturday, June 23, 2007



So, now you know. The laughter and the tears

Are each as wild, are wilder than the other.

No passing phase, I hate to say, but my

Whole life, now I am out, my walls are broken.

I think by now you know what madness nears

When I approach your arms—full sail, no rudder—

What troubles you take on. I’d tell a lie,

But what’s the use? The truth will out, unspoken.

This striptease of my nightmares, of my fears,

Leaves me before you naked, and I shudder.

What love is this encouraging the shy,

Accepting for the whole my proffered token?

Man all magnanimous, you thrill my soul—

May this first fraction augur for the whole.


Put sex aside, and leave us two together.

What do you think it is that might remain?

Well, I would likely still show up in leather,

Delight to look at you, and shun the rain.

And you? Would you still be as madly giving?

Wait patiently for storms to pass, subside?

Lead me as gently out among the living?

Give me the place of honor at your side?

Love is the answer, and love is a mystery.

The answer being mystery gives us pause.

We’d like to think our lives were schoolbook history:

Events in order, with established cause.

But you and I know better, there we’re one:

In coming heart to heart, we come undone.

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