Saturday, May 12, 2007


An evening which I expected to be a bit of a yawn and something of a strain on the smile muscles actually turned out to be quite enjoyable (though it was, of course, also a bit of a yawn and something of a strain on the smile muscles, in spite of several beers). It became enjoyable partly for the very good fellowship at my table (quite a mixed bag), but mostly because once the endless speechifying and "entertainment" was over (about an hour behind schedule, which I guess is par for the course), a DJ took over and began playing one damn gay anthem after another. After about ten minutes, I found myself out on the dance floor.

And here's the weird thing: I started out dancing with a straight woman in leather, was joined by a gay leather guy in jeans, flannel, and harness, and finally by a leather trans-man (with whom I had been discussing inherited body-hair patterns...). They sure could dance. The music was wonderful. Dancing with them was wonderful. On the other hand, it was certainly a "scene" I could not have imagined myself in a year ago, I can tell you that. I guess it's just been a year of... growth all around.

Another weird thing: almost all the "allies" and gay men had slunk off before the end of the evening and missed the dancing; pretty much the only people on the dance floor were the lesbians, the trans-women and their girl-friends, and us leather folk. It could have been a bit more of a rainbow if a single straight person had outlasted the speeches [they didn't] and the gay men had stuck around [they didn't, either]. Maybe the men had a better offer (although the bar scene is pretty much dead here)... or maybe there was one of those "secret handshake" social events I am (or rather was) convinced I was only one without the secret password to... the DJ was definitely where we were.

Well, who knows?
It was a great way to end an evening I had been dreading, that's for darn tootin' sure.

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