Thursday, May 17, 2007


OK, since I got Statcounter up and running again in October [I'm now on week 21, I think] I have had slightly over 5,100 visitors. Of those, 3,572 are "unique visitors," of whom 2,636 are "first time visitors" and 936 are "returning visitors" [yes, thank God, they do add up]. So a little over one out of four people who drop by come back. That sounds pretty good, actually. But some of you [all of you?] could be stripping cookies off your computer and so inflating the count.

New check-ins from the US Navy in New York City, as well as Brazil and Colombia. Still a few folks coming in through "best gay blogs" but basically my second crack at "fifteen minutes of fame" seems to be over... Well, as one of my centenarian friends used to say, "It's good for the humility."

Basically, I am astounded that ANYBODY reads this...

Some people did drift away once I left home. Others bailed out once I left New Hampshire. Remember the Queer Community Center in Burlington, VT that used to check in so often? They never show up at all any more. Am I not straight enough to interest queer readers any more? Am I not far north enough in New England for Real Vermonters? Who knows? Life has its little surprises.

In just nine days, my Goat will be here with me. I think I have to focus a little more on the fact that in one-and-a-half days my second son is graduating from college and I am having a meal with Isis for the first time since July.

One day at a time
, one day at a time, one day at a time...

We all need all the help we can get.
And that sure as hell includes me. In my own experience, when we are really far enough down to admit that we need help, somehow it shows up. Rarely what we wanted, but help nonetheless.
Mind-boggling, really...

Hang in there, whoever you are.

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