Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I had one glass too many the other night, and left a message on the Silver Fox's machine. Nothing elaborate, just: feeling drunk and horny, so I thought of you. Got a message the following day saying how nice it was to hear from me. That hit the spot. [Flattery will get you EVERYwhere, in case you were wondering].

Tonight, I called again and left a pretty similar message: not quite as drunk, not quite as horny, but thinking of you anyway. Then I realized it's WEDNESDAY. That I should have known, as it is the night I go out with the young people who end the day at my office and unwind -- a lot like having dinner with my kids, actually, so I really look forward to it. [And no, alas, the hockey player with the Ears almost never joins us. Just as well, I suppose, as I am sure I would stare at him all through dinner. Not a wise move.] So anyway, I KNEW it was Wednesday.

What I had forgotten was that Wednesday is also the one day a week that the Silver Fox spends with his Regular Boyfriend. This is the real reason that I know I am lucky to be getting an evening a month; if after four years the RB can only get one evening a week, I need to keep my hopes down, so to speak. Though I did get something resembling a promise of more once summer rolled around... but no building any more castles in the air just now, thank you.

Anyway, I had to call back and mention that it had finally occurred to me what day of the week it was.


I feel like such a slut. From married man to "other woman" in about one month, divorce to deed. Not a great track record.

Shoot me now.

It's really by far the kindest thing to do.

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