Tuesday, April 24, 2007



It dawned on me one day just what connects

The two of us-- there's more than might appear.

Of course, there's kink, and nights of torrid sex,

But bear with me: there's something deeper here.

I thought we'd both come out at the same time

But truth to tell, my "out" was mostly "in" --

I told my friends, declared my loves sublime,

Then "sobered up" and saw it all as sin --

Though not a sin for anyone but me.
I'd learned that much: my heart was not of stone.

Then, thirty years gone by, I woke to see
That "road not taken" merging with my own.

Your road and mine then led us to one place:
That night, my heart stopped cold when you walked in.

My "might have been" had formed that handsome face;

My soul leapt up to see its "evil twin."

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