Monday, March 12, 2007


I believe I have said something before about how it is slowly beginning to wear me down, hearing about people my age who came out about ten years ago and just magically found someone, that perfect someone, with whom they have since lived in what the writer Mark O'Donnell calls "marred bliss".

The latest entry in this nose-rubbing sweepstakes is Gregory Maguire, who has parlayed his Wicked wit into millions, courtesy of the music of Stephen Schwartz and the ability not to worry too much about what has to happen in the process of adaptation... [it's a lot like sausage-making. You know you start with a pig, and you enjoy the end result, but you don't want to investigate the process too closely...] Anyway, there he was, large as life in this Sunday's NY Times Magazine. It's a good thing I like his books, or I could get really pissed off...

I need to talk to my friends from the Frozen North.

Or find out about SOMEBODY ELSE who made it after making a mess of his life in his fifties. Otherwise I suspect I will just drink too much, and we know how Prince Charming feels about that...



  1. hehe. The article was interesting! I like how they really didn't demonize the fact he was gay, and focused on how pretty "normal" his relationship is...
    You need to re-read the section on how finding his love just happened.
    I don't think you should be "pissed off" either, an opportuninty of being a father like you have, is not a bad thing either!
    You made your life a mess? Clean it up then! You need to make it appealing for that prospective "Prince Charming" ;)

  2. OJO:

    "You made your life a mess? Clean it up then! You need to make it appealing for that prospective 'Prince Charming'."

    Ah, friend, how much more easily that is said than done...



  3. Have you read/seen the lastest self-help tome: The Secret ? Oprah seems to be plugging it alot?

  4. Paul:

    no, as a rule I don't spend a lot of time on self-help books -- they would if nothing else cut into my blog time...

    and the fact that the Grand Oprah is plugging it doesn't exactly make it sound any more convincing.

    But I'll sniff it out.