Monday, March 12, 2007


This word goes out to all of you who suckered me into reading your life stories, following what you offered from them, and slowly coming to care what happened to you:

Who the hell do you think you are to suddenly stop sharing and just concentrate on living your life as if you somehow had exclusive rights to it? Where do you think you get off?
I want to know that you are surviving, and I want to know
now. So get up off your collective butts and post something.

In somewhat milder language, this is also a plea for some sign of life from those who have officially shut down their blogs: Drew [first and foremost], Chris P, you know who you are. I'm not asking for the Encyclopedia Britannica, just some sign of life...


I do understand. I have seriously considered closing this site down as well. But I suspect that until my Real Life takes off -- should it ever in fact take off again, which is an open question -- it is part of what is keeping me [nominally] sane.

But the resounding silence out there strikes me as almost as odd as the fact that so many of us [you] started blogging at the same time, hit the skids at the same time, and some of you even bailed out at the same time. What crazy kind of synchronicity is that?

Are there new blogs out there that are starting the same process all over again, or are we just some weird manifestation of the spirit of the times, caught in Blogger's slow, poisonous flowering... ???

Oh, what the hell.
Hang in there.
And don't for heaven's sake put too much store by anything I say.


  1. Just passing through and wanted to leave some sort of mark that I appreciate your words.

  2. I am rather interested by this idea; that there is another whole crop of new bloggers in our shoes out there, only now beginning to take their first tentative steps...