Friday, March 23, 2007


One day approaching 50 degrees, and suddenly almost all the snow is gone. It lasts forever, and then zip! It just amazes me how fast it can happen.
About bloody time
, as our British friends would say.

Now why should Cappeau and Adam's "O Holy Night" have been going through my mind all morning? Must have to do with the idea of a "thrill of hope", I guess...

A thrill of hope one weary Troll rejoices
Whose heart looks to that new and glorious dawn
When monologue yields to a dance of voices,
When "head for bed" means more than "stretch and yawn."

I too lay long in sin and error pining,
Till he appeared, and this soul felt its worth;
Some night may find us, arms entwined, reclining
Just one more night like that would be rebirth.

Does he not see the slave who is his brother?
My chains I forged for him! Let love be law,
Let lovers live to love, not scorn the other,
Let winter end in warmth beyond a thaw.

Let God's own time at last descend on mine,
And make some weekend night a night divine...

With many apologies all 'round.

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