Monday, March 05, 2007



Who dreamed? Who knew?
A new perspective now
As looking down, I know
The shock of sudden revelation:

How much male pattern baldness means to me,
May always mean hereafter:
This male, and now
This pattern, now
This baldness.

That spot right there,
This spot right here,
Not very big at all, indeed
Just large enough to show.
The salt-and-pepper brushcut
Thins to show a scrap of scalp, of skin.
Suddenly loveable,
Suddenly kissable,
Its clear and present danger,
A tenderness so far unseen,
Suddenly hitting my heart-strings.

Weakness and age,

Held otherwise at bay at every point,
Here stake their claim and due,
Give me in turn a clearer sense,
Myself now tender, and at once
In clear and present danger.

Bending down,
New motion, too, for me,
I find that I just reach it with my lips,
Can kiss it once, again.
This baldness.
This pattern.
This male.
Who dreamed?
Who knew?

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