Thursday, March 15, 2007


It seems to me that there isn't any middle ground left for me any more, or any energy to do anything else but vacillate between desire and despondency.

God knows that takes a lot of energy, especially drowning in my own tears, which puts a good deal of wear and tear on the system...

Any suggestions? Aside from drink, that is, which I have already tried...


  1. Yes. Focus on right now - avoid the past and the future. Like the plague. I think it's the only way you're going to find your truth.

    Hey, you asked!

  2. Flipster:

    The problem is that RIGHT NOW is the limbo that the Star Warrior refers to, though "Limbo" is not a bad term for a place that seems to be located precisely between heaven and hell. I am sure that, strictly speaking, I don't qualify as a candidate for limbo, not being entirely innocent.

    And WHAT, as Pilate said, is truth?


  3. Limbo doesn't look half bad to those in hell, now does it?

  4. Flippo:

    no, I am sure that from hell, limbo looks pretty good. But limbo is for the innocent. As a living creature I live in time, and that means to have one foot in heaven and the other in hell until the very last moment.

    But noone who lives in hope of heaven lives entirely in hell... hence, halfway in between...

    I envy you your better place, if I may call it that. At the moment, anything reciprocated on whatever level looks pretty good. How I wish I could have remained true myself. I really do.

    But I am here by necessity, and that is how I know that God is still alive, and that I am, too. Necessity is where we meet.

    As Leonard Nimoy used to say: live well and prosper.