Friday, March 16, 2007


This just in from Tom Terrific, who seemed momentarily to have been abandoned by his self-confidence, to say nothing of Manfred the Wonder Dog:

After I got Troll's comment on my last post I re-read the post and just about keeled over from the fumes of high-octane self pity. It's not just that two weeks after finishing a movie that everybody loves is just a leeeeeeeeeetle bit early for all the melodrama about un-ringing phones.

It's that self-pity is a waste of time, energy and all of God's other gifts, no matter when. It's that the real problem is all the scared lazy procrastinating I am doing on all the new projects and ideas I should be working on.
almost deleted the post. But then I thought: let it stand as a reminder to myself of where not to go.

Now if I could stop talking about it and believe that self-pity was a waste of time, energy and all of God's other gifts, which would mean acting on it, I would be in great shape. (Oh, and for what it's worth, fllattery will apparently get you somewhere after all.)

Things WILL change --
and just think how happy you'll be [I'll be] when you [I] have NEW problems...

Hang in there, all.

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