Tuesday, March 27, 2007


It's amazing what a little re-thinking will do for you. I know that about the strongest attraction I have had has been to men who combined a visible masculinity with some [preferably a strong] suggestion of vulnerability. I decided, on the basis of very little evidence -- and probably just projecting my own interest on them -- that these men were in fact sumbissive leather guys. The vulnerability pheromones were that strong.

However, having stared at a bear the other night, as the alcohol worked its wicked way with my bloodstream, it has occurred to me that it might have been the bearness and the softness projected from the eyes that did it. That was certainly a combination my Northwestern friend displayed.
Very "regular guy" until you looked into his eyes [that is, if you missed the subtle little nail ear-piercings... hmmm... maybe there is a leather layer to this after all...]

I realize that this is not really an either/or proposition. It's just that I am reshuffling my thoughts, and there's a certain amount of fallout along the way. I am pretty sure I am not a chubby chaser. Fitness is a wonderful thing, especially in other people, though I don't think I would let girth stand in the way... all other things being equal. But how often are they? it's other things that carry the day in the long run. Or am I crazy?

Eyes, for instance. There's something about heavily-lashed eyes in a bear face.

And don't forget EARS. These are the famous EARS, by the way. I had completely despaired of ever finding anyone weird enough to have taken a picture of them, and then the other day, I walked into my kitchen, and right there on my computer screen was a picture I had selected for ... ahem, other reasons ... and there they were. Not quite large as life, but you know what I mean...

Oh my God...

Soon you will be able to piece together a reasonably accurate picture of the Silver Fox from all the accurate bits posted in pictures of other people... For the record, these are the ears.

This all comes on top of the easily predicted but still surprising insight, on examining the Silver Fox at close range, which I did have the opportunity to do about a month ago, that there were a number of similarities to my father. Nothing too ursa major, just enough to give the Good Boy pause. Put that one in your little Freudian pipe and smoke it.

Of course, if it's all about my father, where exactly does the Chinese gymnastic team come in? Why, right in the front door, of course. The obvious riposte to that one I will leave to you.

OH. Right. The Silver Fox. I caught him by phone tonight, and found that all my hard-won determination to keep him at arm's length went right out the window as soon as he started talking. I called him. I should know better.

The son of a bitch could talk the birds out of the trees, let alone a horny Troll out of his mind. So, now I have to work on coming to terms with this one night a month thing, which looks to be the best I can hope for.

How many feathers is that worth?

God help me. I'm not sure I have the strength for this... But he is so hot...

And worse yet, he says I am. Now there's the Devil for you...

Just shoot me now and get it over with.

[Oh. Left above: chest, arms, almost the goatee... I think the reason I grabbed this one is that it is actually pretty close. I'll take a closer look the next time we "see each other."]

Hang in there.
I do my best. It gets hard sometimes, especially around supper time, when I used to be used to having companionship...

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  1. bears...gotta love 'em! A soft guy with big muscles and nice eye's...woof! Haven't caught on to the ear's thing though! :)
    I do notice my tastes change, things I wasn't too attracted to, I've grown to appreciate. I'm going to look a little closer to the ears...

    oooh, if Silver thinks you're hot...then I bet others think so too! Hang in there.