Tuesday, March 27, 2007

19,447,200 MINUTES...

This is to let you all know that tomorrow is the birthday of one of Blogville's great wranglers, the Deep South Cowboy himself, World on Edge.

More recently, he has gone by WOE, though with changing circumstances, i.e., a little life at the crossroads, he may even give up on that one. For quite a while, I felt that "woe is he" about summed it up, but he is definitely moving up and moving on.

If my spies are correct, he has now arrived at the neat sum of old-fashioned adulthood and the traditional age of consent.

[Oops. Wednesday: It's his BD today and I'm sober: my math was off. He's actually arrived at the neat sum of the MODERN age of majority and the traditional age of consent... exactly half as old as I am, plus seven years to grow on. Is that any clearer?]

That about covers it [up], I think.

Anyway, should you want to stop off at his blog and wish him well, click here.

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