Monday, May 25, 2009


Over at "Center of Gravitas," [click here] GayProf is offering a tidbit of wisdom to queer job-seekers which I think is good advice to all of us, of whatever rainbow hue or degree of black-and-white thinking:

Never attribute to malice
what can be explained by incompetence

I don't think I could better encapsulate my response to people who are convinced without evidence visible to the nonparticipant that they are the victims of racism, homophobia, or the rest of the laundry list. Most people are unthinking and uninformed more than they are motivated by hatred.

So, if we can accept that, it means that we in turn don't have to get down into a gutter they're not even aware they're in... and that will save us all a lot of heartache. By the way, GayProf's post on academic job-seeking for queer folk would be good advice to queer folk seeking any form of employment, which, until we actually start buying the lottery tickets we all talk about, most of us are; and it's amusing as well as informative.

As he himself puts it,

Assuming that you are going to insist upon living indoors, any job offer is going to seem preferable than nothing at all.


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