Tuesday, October 07, 2008

OUT of the MOUTH of BABES...

at "Sooooooooooooooo, etc." [click here] posts this:

Again I say, what does it matter who we love?

They fit, they both have tried to date others in the past never finding that connection. If they click and complete each other, why would it concern anyone else, it is not their business. I think people should just be happy and whoever works in a relationship with you, makes me happy for you.

Sometimes I get asked, "would you date a person of this race, colour, age, religion?" I always think that question is silly, finding a good loving relationship with my soul mate, is not like buying a fall jacket.
I can't imagine saying "oh he is perfect for me, smart, funny, cute, thoughtful, now if I could only get him in a different colour."

I feel when you click with someone it should not matter, I used to think before I met Dave, "whoever I date, I hope he is a good person and is my best friend as well as boyfriend," I did not think in terms of "he has to be this tall, this shade, this eye colour"...

Sometimes I wonder if that is not part of the problem with the world, so many people with opinions about who we love, maybe too many opinions, too many people are worried about what everyone is doing in their private life, so much so that they neglect their own life, maybe that is why they are so bitter when they see real love in a couple they don't consider to be part of the norm.

What is there to add?

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