Sunday, July 20, 2008



No impetus to laziness is quite
As forceful as the rain.
Today it poured,
And I got nothing done.
The things to do accumulate
Like dust, or fallen leaves.
I know I'll watch some movie,
So tonight is lost to progress.
What I have ignored will rise up soon
To haunt me -- so will you.
You'll ask me why so little's been achieved.
Well, I'm a lazy man--why should I fight it?
I'd much rather lose my last reward
Than work
When I've got dreaming left to do.
I dream of you
And pray I'm not deceived.
No, I'm not good;
I'm neither wise nor brave--
But kiss me deep, my love,
And I'm your slave.


Another anniversary,
But I'm less harrowed,
More at peace,
And I suspect
I owe it all to you.
You've shown me how love goes
On this side of the looking-glass.
Last year, my heart beat bleeding,
But with time, I've made my peace
With what I can't correct,
And live with what
The new law will allow.
I find I find peace in what's come to pass.
Love's like that--
There's no reason and no rhyme--
It's like war in that way,
Except that sex
Will never leave you bloody but unbowed--
I'm blooded, and I'm bowed--
Things move so fast...
We bow because we've learned to love the yoke.
I have to say,
I think God loves a joke.


I pack my books, watch movies,
And again I'm overwhelmed
That I am here,
That you are coming back to me,
So I can move to be with you--
So grateful we're alive.
I never can tell what will rock me,
When I'll feel it running deep,
And clear, and true.
I don't know how it happened,
Just that you've brought me new life
By loving me,
And I've been grateful from the start.
The many men you've known,
The men I might have had,
All do their part:
Their witness, all their voices,
Prove we cannot fly
Until we risk the dive.
Come home to me.
Be home to me.
Embrace me.
Kiss me.
Yes, we live each day by grace..

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