Thursday, July 24, 2008

of the FAR-AWAY GOAT...


One week left. I can wait that long.
And then you'll be at home,

And I will be at peace
Just gazing on your face, your eyes, your smile.

Come soon, stand close,

Embrace me, man of men,

And hold that moment, though all time may cease.

Let me relax against you.

We'll beguile those hours in bed,

Break bread, begin again,

Find pleasure long before we find release.

If these few steps forecast our future miles,

We're halfway there, if less than one in ten.

Your love these last long months

Gave me new lease on life,

And made me find all life worthwhile.

Just seven daysor sixhow can I stand it?
Ah, to have your heart and soul in hand...


Another rainy day, and he's still gone.
But five more days of rain

Will bring him back,

And once he's back,

I know where I will be—

Applying lip to lip and bone to bone.

Right now it feels like all the life I lack

Will shower down when he embraces me.

This loneliness will yield to love alone,

And on its tides life's joys come rushing back.
Though love is blind, it teaches us to see.

Yes, God is love, and I approach that throne

By making love my god.

And here's a fact:

The body lends expression to the soul,

By reaching out to hearts that make us whole.


  1. Whew! Such passion I had to sit down as I became weak in the knees from reading this! I think soon there is going to be one happy little goat! ;)

    O..oh yes now I remember what I came for. You are always most welcomed to comment about anything you like on my blog, whether it is on topic or something else you would like to mention Sir Troll. :)

  2. My many thumbed friend:

    This is one BIG Goat we're talking about.