Friday, June 13, 2008


Forget about Gay Movies. Don't walk, RUN out and see "Kung Fu Panda."

Starting with the faintest praise: it has the least dumb script and story of any Dreamworks animated movie to date. That would be a lot, but, no offense to Pixar, it is also one of the most visually impressive animated movies I have ever seen: make sure you get there for the opening dream sequence, and, if you can, sit through the end titles as well: different, wonderful style, with a pay-off at the end.

Of course it's the first movie I have seen on a really big screen in a while; I'd almost forgotten what a difference that made to me. You may hate it. I LOVED it.

Do I lose my gay card now?



  1. Haven't seen it myself, but IMHO if you like an animated movie set in the orient, you earn a check-mark on your gay card, not a threat to revoke it.

  2. No you don't lose your gay card. I love the animated movies as of late and wouldn't mind catching this one, either.