Thursday, May 08, 2008


I almost can't believe it, but it's true: in less than twenty-four hours, the Goat will be here for the weekend, all nicely cultured up but having already conveniently unloaded his underage charges. Nothing against children [I am rather fond of at least three of them], but this is definitely not where they belong this weekend.

I have food laid in, but can't remember what he likes and dislikes with some things: one of the disadvantages of letting him cook all the time, which he does because I drive all the time. Well, "turnabout is fair play."

There is something rather startling about the complete reorientation of my life [to coin a phrase] over the last two years. Yes, I had been working on it for a while, but... maybe what I mean is that the contrast between knowing what I wanted but having no idea if I could live with it, and living with it, is so intense.

Actually, lots of things are pretty intense.

Must go do the minimum of cleaning up, especially in the bedroom... the Goat will be arriving while I am at work tomorrow.

As our illustrious president once said: "Bring it on!"

Hang in there, all.


  1. yeah, I see a huge difference...what I saw was a lot of struggle, it was painful to read how you just seemed to beat yourself up. (I'd bet my comments seemed so impatient or cold in retrospect.) I never thought you'd be where you are now (until that time you decidedly took the BIG step out - strange how you all did really!) You seem generally happier to me at least. Hope the weekend's a blast!

  2. It will be nice to have him at your place for a change, right? I hope the two of you have a really great time.

  3. Hope the reunion is a happy one!

  4. "Re-orientation", that's a good term. Hope your weekend is going well. Very well.