Thursday, April 24, 2008


It didn't even take three days.

By the end of Wednesday I had sent off enough little snippets of weekend fall-out, in rhyme and otherwise, that it was beginning to drive me crazy that I hadn't heard from the Goat. So when he called and left a message, I noticed two things: the overpowering sense of relief, and the far more overpowering sense that he was the only piece of my life that made any sense at all at the moment. Love does indeed make the world go round, when it's around. So I knew I was not about to let one bad Monday morning @#$% up what I had going there in Goatville. Too many eggs in that basket right at the moment...

Plus, I really like him, in case no one had noticed.

So tonight I called on my way home from visiting my mother, and it was all sweetness and light. At both ends of the signal. Don't you just hate being such a push-over for a guy? I know I do...

Men are pigs, as anyone who has ever visited a public restroom, even an empty one, could tell you. But would you really want to live without one?

Well, neither would I. Not now, anyway.
Funny how things shift over time...


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  1. I'm so glad you're out of the doghouse. It's no fun in there.