Tuesday, April 15, 2008



The snowpack’s there, but starting to recede;
The spring’s surrounded by a mat of balsam branches,
Straining rivulets that go impulsively
Downhill to feed the stream.
Our time is planned, and everything we need’s on hand—
Inside time slows down to a crawl.
We have no other plans, no place to go—
My “birthday” passes like a sunlit dream,
A blur of pleasure moving at half-speed.
Embraces, tender kisses, make me fall.
My heart, long thawed, is full to overflowing—
Joy confounds me. All the mad extremes have touched—
And I have been transformed.
My mourning weeds fell as my heart was warmed.


Your face betrays me just as much as mine does me.
I see it shining in your eyes, your face.
Like tears and murder, love will out.
Your touch conveys what I once thought a dream;
It’s not so long ago I lived to pine.
I knew you were the one and only prize;
I lived in love, but also lived in doubt.
I never knew if you approved my scheme.
Yet here we are.
You are so sweet and kind.
You smile and something deep within me dies—
My doubt and fear in full retreat, a rout.
I let my own face smile, and shine, and beam.
Such happiness comes awfully close to pain.
As we must learn, forget, and learn again.

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