Thursday, February 14, 2008


ello, my love, a line or two to say
A ll that I’d like to have you hear today:
P lease pause, reflect—I’m such a fucking newbie,
P lease cut me slack if I act like a booby.
Y ou know I love your touch—you have to hear it:
V olcanic approbation when we queer it.
A doubt or two arises, now and then—
L ove’s never been like this, but once again
E lectric thrills run through me at your touch.
N o other man has ever done so much
T o make my Inner Girl wake from her dreaming;
I ’m sorry that she often wakes up screaming.
N o, you have touched my soul and leave it panting—
E xceeding tender, hirsute, hot, enchanting.
S o I will take this rare occasion to
D eclare my thanks for everything you do
A nd have done. With your food, sex, wine and weed,
Y ou seem to offer everything I need.

Images courtesy of Roids'n'Rants and Ink2Metal. Thanks, guys.

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