Tuesday, February 26, 2008


ARIES (The Troll):

What's the opposite of a freak out?

Let's call it a freak in. I suspect you're about to enter into this state. That means you will have at your disposal all the intensity of a hysterical fit, but you'll be able to express it artfully as you accomplish acts of amazing grace.

Time may even seem to expand for you as you slip into a wildly relaxed perspective that unleashes exuberant insights with practical applications.

CANCER (The Goat):

"Never play cards with a man called Doc," said Nelson Algren in his book A Walk on the Wild Side. "Never eat at a place called Mom's. Never sleep with a woman whose troubles are worse than your own." Whether or not you generally heed cautionary advice like that, I suggest that you adopt a more freewheeling approach in the coming weeks.

In fact, given the frontier-prowling, rules-breaking, fun-erupting nature of your current astrological indicators, you may benefit from experimenting with a host of exploits that at any other time mightseem iffy or dicey or itchy.

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