Monday, January 28, 2008


Our friend "Nate" has bailed out of "Bibydays" and has regrouped with a new blog, with the title [so far] of Tales of the Nate. That makes two of us at least who have managed to come out the other side of a rather complicated transition with our desire to blog intact. Three if you count the Toasted Bear, who is down but not really out yet. And four if you count "Bigg," though one might question whether Biggo has come out the other side of much so far... he still sounds like he's in pretty deep. One might even say: really deep. But he sure knows how to hold your attention...

With the approach of both my departure for three weeks Far, Far Away with the Goat and my 500th post, I am beginning to wonder how much longer the desire to keep the blog going will keep on going [if that makes any sense...]. It is slowly becoming clearer, as I was in fact told a long time ago, that blogs are often a place to sort out conflicted feelings, and the less conflicted your feelings become, the less need there is to keep a journal of any kind, let alone a public one. I know that. I still have, however, always hated the feeling that people whose lives I had been given a glimpse of, just drop out of sight without a word.

But I guess that's the way it works: If you hang it up, why would you want to issue up-dates? That would imply that you didn't really want to hang it up...

Anyway: does anyone have news of "Drew"? or "Chris"? or any of the other Elder Statesmen of the 2005/6 season? I can't help wishing I knew how they were doing...

Hang in there, all.

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  1. I would miss you terribly if you go. Hang in there.