Thursday, December 13, 2007


I can't quite believe it, but it appears that I have actually met all my free-lance deadlines, in spite of having "torched" a week on the West Coast. [That has a lot to do with the fact that my regular boss gave me a couple of days off to finish the things with deadlines, which she does not have at the moment...] Anyway, I am suddenly faced with the terrifying fact that I no longer have any excuse not to do all the things I always said I was going to do. Just one more long-term project to wrap up by early January, and I may even just kick back and breathe for a bit.

I will pass lightly over the vexed question of why my kids are not in fact spending Christmas with me [two willing, one not, so in solidarity all three are going to their mother's again]. Maybe next year... maybe in Jerusalem...

They are driving down the day after Christmas, meeting me at my mother's for the official
Family Glad-Handing Dinner, which often features game from my rifle-bearing relations, so my time with them will be pretty short. Not short enough for everyone, apparently...


In the meantime, I have made my deadlines (with a little help from my friends), and am off to see the Goat for the first time in weeks before he takes off for warmer climes. My only consolation is that he keeps whining about how I should come along; how nice for someone besides me to complain about our arrangements for a change...

Hang in there, all.

I wish you all the blessing of whatever hoped-for new life is coming your way, whether you recognize it in the manger or not.

A mid-day break, the mail, I dream of you,
Of one day living closer to your town
And to your daily rhythm. Yes, I know,
We've done what we can do, and have to wait.

I mail my Christmas presents, and here, too,
I wonder if I know where I am bound,
But if I'm by your side the world can go
On as it will. We two will face our fate.

My own perspective's shortened now, my view
Filled with details that may yet drag me down.
You drag me up. Come, time, take pity, show
If I have lost my mind or found my mate

The snow begins to fall, I sit and drink
My coffee. You are closer than I think.


  1. Troll: I have been trying to catch up on your blog. I have not been blogging (either reading or writing) for quite a long time. A lot has changed in my life since I last blogged, and I see from your entries that the same is true of you. I am spending Christmas with my kids, visting my sister in New Jersey with them. My ex wife and I now live two blocks away from each other, and that makes life easier for everyone involved (especially the kids). My last boyfriend and I broke up after I found out that AGAIN he was cheating on me viciously through the internet, sex ads, public parks. He finally admitted he is a sexual addict, and I finally admitted that he was a place holder in my life (not a true love). I'm blabbing. Hope you have a nice Christmas. Ernesto

  2. ER:

    welcome back!
    You polyglottal types will be amused to know that the Goat teaches Spanish...

    Feliz Navedad.

  3. Cool! WOW! An update from Ernesto!!!

    Deadlines: Yeah. Getting all my work done is a good feeling of relief! (Is that "the gift?")

    Relatives: they make me crazy and the strange obligations during the holidays to meet up with them drive me nuts. I think I take my parents for granted too, meeting up with them seems to mean more than it does for me? (Perhaps the same for yours?)

    Thanks for the blessings. I wish the same to you. Hang in there!
    Hope you the best.