Thursday, November 15, 2007



I love it when you forget all your troubles and get lost in thoughts about your friends' problems. I love it when you place your entire focus on the heat steaming from your cup of coffee or on the sun reflecting on a puddle or on the mysterious expression gracing the face of a stranger.

In fact I love it whenever you prove how much you love being here on earth by taking your attention off yourself, and giving it to everything else. The coming week will be a perfect time to specialize in this consummate art.

If I hadn't obsessed so much about my own feelings for the last year and a half, I probably wouldn't be half the mess I am today. So I guess this week's trip [TWENTY-FOUR HOURS TO GO!] is a good opportunity to practice a different focus. Just hard to think about when there are so many unknowns...


Wealthy playboy Lapo Elkann is one of Italy's most eligible bachelors. But he told W magazine that if he ever decides to tie the knot, he would choose an Israeli woman. "For them, every day is a beautiful day," he said. "Because when you are in a climate of war, you take nothing for granted."

Your next assignment, Cancerian, is not to put yourself in a battle zone, but rather to cultivate love with the same intense ingenuity and inexhaustible resource- fulness you might if you were living in a battle zone.

Well, actually, while it may not resemble a battle zone, my psyche does involve anyone who gets too close in a certain amount of battle fatigue, and I would say that the Goat had done his bit: one small step for the Goat, one great leap for goatkind...

For your own bit of nonsense, click here. And so much for not paying any attention to this guy for a while. Must go pack... Don't expect to see much happening here for a week or so...

Hang in there, all.

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