Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I was heating up some cold tea in the microwave, which is under the counter at the house in the Big Woods, when the Goat came into the kitchen, took in the situation at a glance, and said with the earnest delivery of Al Gore:

"Don't stand so close to the microwave."

Me [a little petulant]: "What on earth do you care whether I'm sterile or not?"

He: "I might want to bear your children."

Me: "But Goat, you're too old."

He took it rather well.
Maybe getting a laugh and a big hug had something to do with it...

I salve my rash and dress again, prepared
To have my ankle seen, my story told
Again, and hope this time I make the leap—
Bring to a rapid end this ancient tale.

But as I sit alone, my kneecaps bared,
My mind drifts back to him I long to hold,
To him I've won, and must now hope to keep...
Time is my dream, not yet an altar rail...

What is this metamorphosis I've dared?
I fear to find no home but him, my boldness
Gone once I have faced the deep:
Will I find strength to swim, or merely flail?

Alone I could not face what I have done,
With him, I feel I have a chance to run...

Who would not love where love's so freely given?
Or not respond to a response so strong?
I fell, I reached for him, and he, surprised,
Found strength to catch me, match me, end my fall.

I made him mine, and having madly striven,
Must stay the course, hope life, our life, is long,
That we find more than we might have surmised,
Find strength to persevere, be all in all.

My heart, my soul are one where they were riven;
I find that right which I long found all wrong.
I've traded all that I had ever prized
For what I grasped in falling, made my call.

Like Viola on that Illyrian shore,
I change my dress to find my new life's door...


1 comment:

  1. Funny discourse. Very funny.

    It shows such wit and wisdom. Particularly during a spontaneous moment.

    The best humor is always based on reality.

    I think you two maybe deserve each other.