Wednesday, October 17, 2007


The Little House in the Big Woods went to a higher bidder.

It's not all bad news, though I feel it like a blow to my belly. I had invested a lot in being a home-owner again, in having a place where the Goat and I could be together, and I had begun furnishing all the rooms of that particular castle in the air... But at the same time, I was madly trying to locate the money and ways to get at it, to circumvent the crazy Catch-22's of my current situation, and wondering how I was going to survive committing money I didn't have and might not ever see to a "hovel" which was largely a pig in a poke. Everything I did find out about it made the whole proposition shakier... and yet, it was a house at a price I will never see again... not in that neck of the Big Woods, anyway.

The bad news is that I am probably out about a thousand dollars in various costs around the pursuit of the dream, and it's money I did not have to burn. It would have paid for a trip to the Goat's Island Get-Away, for instance.

Oh, well.

Sometimes you do things you later regret.
And sometimes you regret things that were in fact all for the best.

I do wish I had been less bullish on the costs up-front, or more bullish with my bid. One or the other...


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