Wednesday, September 05, 2007



A few years ago, the Cambodian government decided that the country’s karaoke bars had become hotbeds of vice. To suppress their evil influence, the prime minister called out the army’s bulldozers and demolished them.

Keep that in mind as an example of how NOT to proceed in the coming week, Aries. While the astrological omens do suggest that you should phase out bad and inferior influences from your life, they also warn against resorting to overkill. As you rightfully purge the weird karma lingering in your vicinity, don’t create a new batch of weird karma.


For my friend Leslie, the year 2003 was great for her personally, but terrible for five of her friends. One was committed to a mental institution and given shock therapy, while the others were lost to jail, heroin, political persecution, and a religious cult. Ever since then, Leslie has made it her specialty to monitor her friends’ fortunes and offer them extra attention if they have veered off course or gotten into trouble.

While that’s a demanding responsibility to sustain all the time, I suggest you consider taking it on in the coming weeks. According to my reading of the omens, your allies could really benefit from your focused feedback.

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